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At Maxco, we take care of everything. Designing and manufacturing our own packaging and machinery, delivering the final product to your location using our own truck fleet, and following it up with the best customer service in the industry. We are committed to your business and making Maxco work for you. To accomplish this, we have a network of facilities and distribution hubs strategically located near our customer base. Through these locations, we maintain inventory, provide box set-up, printing capability, and delivery or pickup of completed product.

Corporate Office:
605 S. Zediker, Parlier, CA 93648

Phone: (559) 646-6700  Fax: (559) 646-6710

Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 814. Parlier, CA 93648

Coachella Office:
53980 HWY 111, Coachella, CA  Phone:(760) 398-8433

Castroville Office:
11455 Wood St., Castroville, CA  Phone:(831) 633-2126

Delano Office:
14221 Ave. 24, Delano, CA  Phone:(661) 725-0909

Fowler Office:
3075 E. Manning Ave, Fowler, CA Phone:(559) 316-7185

Oxnard Office:
1051 S Rose Ave., Oxnard, CA Phone:(714) 525-5875

Reedley Office:
2059 E. Olson Ave., Reedley, CA  Phone:(559) 638-8449

Lamont Office:
8419 Di Giorgio Rd., Lamont, CA  Phone:(661) 845-9651

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(559) 646-6700
(559) 646-6710